Sunday, 14 February 2016

CAMP 2016

WOW - Camp is coming up fast! Room 5 has been thinking, talking and perhaps even dreaming about camp!

We would love to share our 'wonderings' with you.

 Maybe parents and families have some 'my child is going on camp' wonderings of their own to add!

...if I'll get a good night's sleep. Anna

...if there are legendary caves for legendary reading. Tandia

Image result for beach waves clipart...if anyone will snore. Jasmine

...if I'll get bus sick. Edith

...if the sand at Piha will be hot. Jessica
Image result for campfire clipart

...if anyone will cower at my scary stories. Carol late we'll stay up at night. Ryan

...whether I will snore. Alex

...if my friend will wake me up and say, "I'm hungry, will you eat with me please?" Kevin                                 big the Piha waves will be. Jason

...what the surprise on Thursday morning at Lakewood Lodge is. Sacha

...whether I'll be so hot that I'll wet the bed with my sweat. Katie

...if my group will be able to put up the tent. Abbie G

...if I'll like the food. Abby J

...if the teachers will draw on us with permanent markers as we sleep. Leticia

...whether I'll hit the target at archery. Alicia

...if I'm the new Robin Hood at archery. Mia

...if Mr Mac will go on the flying fox. Ayaana

...whether I'll fall off a horse. Georgia

... if I will hear the farting orchestra at night!      Isabelle                             

...what the long drop toilet will smell like. Lewis

...if a cow will accidentally wander into our tent and trample us to death. Isaac

...whether anyone will stand in cow poo. Jaiden the food will taste at camp. Ranash

...whether my deodorant will take away the smell of the mud. Dontay

...if I'll have nightmares in my bed. Jay

...whether my sleeping mat will provide me with any protection at all from the hard hall floor. Mrs Dowden


  1. I remember when we did this

  2. I enjoyed reading about everyone's wonderings. It sounds like a WONDERful adventure for Room 5!

  3. Great wonderings everyone! ^-^ I wonder if some of them are true O-O

  4. I wonder if all the children will be so tired on the way home they will fall asleep in the bus....I still remember my school camp when I went to Sunnyhills.

  5. I also wonder whether I'll get a good night's sleep, Anna!

  6. I am very excited for when we go to camp :D It will be so much fun ♥